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Sports and Play

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Indoor playground

What is more fun than playing with water and sand?
You can play all day with all your new friends at our waterplayground.


And of course we also have 34 playgrounds on almost every field.
What do you think about a real jungle playground,
a pirateship playground or a castle?


Fancy a soccergame match?
On our Freegame you can play soccer.

All over the campground you will also find (beach)volleybal fields and table tennis.

Recreational lake

Playing with water and sand at our new PlonsPlas.
Do you dare to take the survivalparcour?

You can chill at the barn with a High speed Internet connection. 

Mollie's Modder Mijn

Mollie's Modder Mijn. 
Will you come looking for treasure?

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Even when the weather is not very good, you can play at our indoor playground.

Or enjoy a game of jeu de Boules or minigolf. 

Fish pond

In the center of our campsite we have
our own fish pond ( fenced )
Our guests are allowed to fish here, you don't need
a fishing license.